I'm the girl everybody secretly want to be. ;)

Hello, call me Lola because my name is Lola, but I am famously known as AsmaHamid's imaginary friend. My parents are somewhere in Hawaii and they have a massive house and me being stupid, rejected their offer of staying there but I still get money every month! =D I'm not showing off or anything, but I'm way richer than AsmaHamid. My parents are bank robbers lawyers and they own a beach resort. The reason I don't have a tagboard is because I prefer to talk on the phone so call me on 019 XXX XXXX.

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skin by: Jane
Saturday, April 18, 2009 @ 3:30 PM | 0 Comments

I went to CA with my parents on Monday and stayed there for a week. Yup, I skipped school but all for the best. Haven't been there for a year, I realized that I miss CA when I stepped on it.
Went shopping, obviously. Stayed at the house that I refused to sleep in before I met my parents.
I went to CA because I was getting my salt-watered swimming pool installed. When I renovated my house, I crashed Syafiq's house but since he's on holiday with his parents, it would be rude for me to go to his house.
I'm worn out now, I need to wrinkle my self in the jacuzzi.