I'm the girl everybody secretly want to be. ;)

Hello, call me Lola because my name is Lola, but I am famously known as AsmaHamid's imaginary friend. My parents are somewhere in Hawaii and they have a massive house and me being stupid, rejected their offer of staying there but I still get money every month! =D I'm not showing off or anything, but I'm way richer than AsmaHamid. My parents are bank robbers lawyers and they own a beach resort. The reason I don't have a tagboard is because I prefer to talk on the phone so call me on 019 XXX XXXX.

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skin by: Jane
Thursday, March 19, 2009 @ 10:17 PM | 0 Comments

I renovated my house. Totally renovated it.
Modern-ish at the front but the back totally matches my garden. It's not done yet, I haven't tar-ed the road and stuff. That bottom bit, is my garage. It fits three cars, I only have 2 two so it wouldn't be a problem. The picture is only the front bit, I have an extension at the back. It actually has a bridge to my second house and under it is so cool! There's a pond under there, my maid suggested it so she'll have to take care of it. I'm going to be fishes tomorrow to fill it up. The bridge is made out of really strong glass so don't worry about me.

Thursday, March 12, 2009 @ 10:08 AM | 0 Comments

I now have an artificial waterfall in my garden. I basically took all the water out of my pool, hammered the walls down and put the waterfall there. Yes, it's connected to my swimming pool. The picture on the left isn't my actual swimming pool but it's a complete replica of it. My new garden now have a swimming pool with a wave machine, waterfall, jacuzzi and big gigantic slide. There's actually a little slide there but on the opposite side's slide is way bigger. I had fun swimming inside it yesterday. I was thinking of salt water-ing it but it wouldn't fit with the waterfall and because of that, I'm getting a salt watered swimming pool on my roof, very soon.It would be a normal one though, with glass covering it and a removable roof. Ahh, I can imagine me inside it already.

Friday, March 6, 2009 @ 8:10 PM | 0 Comments

I'm going to Hawaii tonight with Syafiq, his parents are going there aswell. Ahh, can't wait to meet my Veyron..! neither can Syafiq wait to drive his Hunaudieres. Asma's going to camp tomorrow, Thank God, if not she'll beg me to let her follow. She still haven't realized that my private jet can only be seen by her and she can't touch it. I don't think I was her dead... not yet.

I'm really sorry for not updating but atleast, I haven't retired.

My exams, great marks I got, I WONDER WHAT I'LL GET. =D