I'm the girl everybody secretly want to be. ;)

Hello, call me Lola because my name is Lola, but I am famously known as AsmaHamid's imaginary friend. My parents are somewhere in Hawaii and they have a massive house and me being stupid, rejected their offer of staying there but I still get money every month! =D I'm not showing off or anything, but I'm way richer than AsmaHamid. My parents are bank robbers lawyers and they own a beach resort. The reason I don't have a tagboard is because I prefer to talk on the phone so call me on 019 XXX XXXX.

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skin by: Jane
Thursday, January 29, 2009 @ 10:24 AM | 0 Comments

Last week, I was going around school saying "Chinese New Year's holiday is going to be so darn boring." Pathetic, I know.
It's already Thursday (In Malaysia) and I'm in Hawaii. My dad sent a private jet and here I am, in my room that my parents setted up before I arrived. Yes, you guessed it, I'm at my parents house. I arrived in Lihue Airport and then two strangers ran to me, hugging me. I nearly called the security guard but then I recognize their faces and they happen to be my parents. I went outside and got into my dad's limo and off we went to OUR house. In the car, I found out that my parents owned a resort and our house happens to be next to the resort.
Arrived at my parents' house and I recognize that house. Found out that my parents sent me off to Asma when I was 2 years old, so I have met my parents before. This house I'm in right now is incredible, more incredible than my house back is Malaysia. Every bathroom has its own jacuzzi! Like OMG, even my house only have 1 jacuzzi. The living room and family room (I'm not sure why they need it) all have massage cushions//chairs. Getting jealous already.
I'm actually happy that I finally got to meet my parents, you know? They only sent me off because they don't want me to be spoilt like my older brother, Momo, who is now dead because he thought life was Grand Theft Auto.
Wow, how should I describe my room? It's amazing, it looks like my whole house back home, combined together. At my balcony, I have a slide that straight goes to the swimming pool. Haha, it's great. Did I mention, since my house has 7 levels, we have a lift? A level upstairs has another swimming pool. Two swimming pools in a house, I know! Haha. We have a games floor and a tennis court up there aswell. My room has no windows. Just the glass walls and sliding door.
My parents are asking me if I wanted to stay here. I mean, it's comfy, I get to go to some private school near here, I get to spend time with my parents and most of all, I GET TO GO TO THE BEACH EVERY SINGLE BLOODY DAY! Who wouldn't want that? No one! Exactly. But, I still haven't made my mind up.


Friday, January 16, 2009 @ 10:25 PM | 0 Comments
Interghnasenal schulgh

Hard to pronounce. Easy to spell.

A well sick school. Though, everyone has their own group. Sadly, I'm not in any of the groups. Ended up hanging out with Syafiq and all of his jerky 'body-guards'. No. Offence. Oo. Just found out that he's the student body president. Dude, he has like a fan club already. Man, that guy have just been in school for bloody 2 weeks and he's already a bloody student body president. I bet he showed all of his reports from abroad. So Un-Fair. Wish I was in this school since I was born, instead of being bloody stuck in public school like 1/8 of my life.

My gateway's GUH-RAYTE! But I need to change the colour. It's black! *pukes* Need it repainted, to PINK! xD. The touch-screen and the twistable-screen is indeed very usefull. Especially when you left you stationary case is your lockers. In school, you could only use the internet in the library, cafeteria, coffee shop, lounge, acoustic room and at the hallways. And in the classroom when the teacher turn-off the internet-proof-invisible-wall thingy. Tried using my wireless but didn't work AT ALL!

You should see out lounge, OMG, so cool! They actually have beds in there. Chairs. Cushions. Food//Drink dispensers. TVs. Computers. Tables. More entertainment: Pool, foosball, air hockey, dart, ping pong, carom and other stuff. You public school students, are missing lots of stuff. Oh and did I tell you, we're allowed DITCHING! But we still have to do our homeworks and stuff. I mean like, if you've already read the subject and understand it and all, you're allowed ditching-with-permission but you still have to do the work and stuff.

I got an extra so-called-subject, designing. And I guess that's all, about school that is.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009 @ 10:21 PM | 0 Comments

I haven't posted in a long long long time. But it's not like you care anyway.
I had a really fun time back-to-school shopping at Singapore. Bought everything I need which includes 2 new laptops. ;) Setted up a Gateway C-142XL and a Mac Book Air next to my iMac, haha. I really have no idea what I need those for.

Daminit, I'm in 2B, same class as last year. That doesn't bother me though because soon I'll be moving. International school. Oh, so that's the reason I bought the Gateway, probably it won't be much use but who cares.


Thursday, January 1, 2009 @ 10:30 AM | 2 Comments

If you see a black plastic bag full of school books behind my house, please help me burn it or even take it if you wish. I don't mind. I just want it out of my site and I couldn't burn it because of pollution and I can't throw it away because of pollution as well, so if other people do it for me, I don't have to pollute. I was thinking of digging it in the ground but I can't get a hold of a bulldozer. Though I dumped my school books, it doesn't mean I'm not going to school.

I am currently at Syafiq's house, I'm bored, he's bored, Asma's ... doing something so I went to his house. Syafiq and I will be going to Singapore at 11 and we'll leave Asma behind as she is ... doing something. I am going to Singapore for a late back-to-school shopping. The first place I will invade is obviously Starbucks and Paperchase. Oh and now I have nothing to say.

I have realized that I've been spending more time with Syafiq than Asma since his parents left. Haha. It must be tough for him to live with cousin. Wish I could help, I take that back actually. =P I am getting tired of hanging out with Syafiq, no offence but he is like soooo boring. Narh, I was just kidding. He's cool actually, he has tons of chocolate and ice cream in his fridge/freezer, its sick innit? Oh, I really have nothing to say.