I'm the girl everybody secretly want to be. ;)

Hello, call me Lola because my name is Lola, but I am famously known as AsmaHamid's imaginary friend. My parents are somewhere in Hawaii and they have a massive house and me being stupid, rejected their offer of staying there but I still get money every month! =D I'm not showing off or anything, but I'm way richer than AsmaHamid. My parents are bank robbers lawyers and they own a beach resort. The reason I don't have a tagboard is because I prefer to talk on the phone so call me on 019 XXX XXXX.

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Wednesday, December 31, 2008 @ 9:07 PM | 0 Comments
End of the year.

End of 2008 already? Wow, that was quick. Quick for me, I guess, I don't die unless Asma Hamid wants me dead. Which I hope she doesn't. I don't want her touching my F430. Haha. Joke. Spent this week with Syafiq as Asma was too busy ... doing her own stuff. Syafiq told me what his friend did to one of Asma's friend. It cracked me up. Can't believe that girl actually believed it, I mean Khairi doesn't know how to lie. He's not a good actor, even through the net, I can tell if he's lying. Though I feel sorry for Asma, that maniac was swearing at her like heck. I can't believe she didn't tell me but I'm not expecting her to tell me everything.

Oh remember when I said that I'm getting a blackberry? I changed my mind. Now, I'm getting a Gresso. My dad stuffed more money into my bank account and now I have more than enough money to get myself a Gresso. Avantgrade Gold, Luna Gold, Gresso. Oh and all of this means I will be going off to Moscow, Russia soon as they are only sold over there, early holiday I'll have this year. Pfthh, dream on Lola. Haha, no I am not getting a Gresso but I will probably get a Gresso. Seen Gresso? None of the phones are the same, like humans in this world, no one looks the same. And they only have like 50 of them. Haish, only if I was the richest female in this world.

I won't be staying up until 12 midnight like everybody else as New Year doesn't mean anything to me. Eid is something to me but not New Year. =) I have no New Year's Resolution except to never-retire-from-blogging. Resolutions don't work for me though so I may retire from blogging. I wonder what my dad will get me for my birthday, a Jaguar XK-Convertible? Hope so. HAHA. But if he's getting me that, he'll have to make me a bigger garage aswell. I now wonder what my mum will get me? A new closet and a new accesory for my phone that costs ... atleast RM70K, like last year? It seems like I'm asking for 'em.


Saturday, December 27, 2008 @ 3:06 PM | 0 Comments

I'm over at Syafiq's cabin right now. He's blabbing about his cousin, I feel like saying "I AIN'T BOVVERED!" But he needs someone to talk to, don't ya mate? You're probably like, "What the hell are you doing at home at 3? Aren't you suppose to be outside not hanging out inside?" We just got back from the beach ++ snorkelling. So yeah, needa rest, we're probably going to town at 4, not sure yet. Tonight, we're having a beach barbeque so join us yeah! We're going to go diving tomorrow as our last activity. Gosh, I miss my F430, I really do.


Thursday, December 25, 2008 @ 11:42 PM | 0 Comments
Say whaat?

Syafiq Aimar's staying in Malaysia 'til like, next year. How wicked is that! That's just mint, innit? But his 24 years old cousin whom he dislikes, as hate is a bad word, will be staying with him in that massive bungalow. Such a pity, having to have a 24-years-old cousin walking around the house 24/7. Gladly, he has a maid, a servant, no, a SLAVE! Oh, good luck in going to Malaysian school, Syafiq. You'll need it, love. Syafiq's flying over to Pangkor tomorrow. Yipee, I'll have a friend to go cruising with, innit mann? He'll be staying at a cabin beside mine. How great. He'll hear a knock everytime I'm not in his cabin. *yawn* I am indeed very sleepy and tomorrow he'll be arriving on his private jet around 9AM, crazy though.


Monday, December 22, 2008 @ 11:51 PM | 0 Comments
Munirah said...

Munirah said "I can't believe you still have your imaginary friend and you even made a blog for it. You really shouldn't make a blog for your imaginary friend, people might think you're crazy," to Asma. Indeed very offensive to me but Asma didn't take any offence AT ALL. Yes, I'm back in Malaysia. My beautiful Ferrari F430 Spider, I'm currently driving it, 143mph on route 3052//FF (Floating Freeway) while blogging right now. Internet everywhere in the world, even in my submarine while its in the sea. It's mint, innit. My Ferrari F430 has auto-drive and everything Asma can imagine. My built-in touchscreen is stuck on my stearing wheel with the computer's at the bonnet. It runs on petrol. Talking about cars, I haven't started my Porshe Carrera GT for ages. I'm going for a ride on it tomorrow on route 3052. I LOVE route 3052, no jams no nothing. Lots of cars but you can just zoom through it.

"One SA and FC please," sorry, I just went through the float-thru of 'Sheesh Kebabs'. SA is strawberry airshake and FC are fire chips. They're lovely, you should really try them. Sheesh Kebabs makes the best SA in the WORLD. Okay, I'm in my garage right now, I want to go in and SLEEP. Real sleepy, so, geh-bye.


Friday, December 19, 2008 @ 10:18 PM | 0 Comments
Back to Malaysia

It's so sad leaving, tonight at around 11, I will have to leave Rome on my private jet. I could always stay but my dad said I have to go home and he already booked the jet. It's so sad leaving. Haha, but nevermind I'm going to Pangkor on the 23rd. Yeay! I'll be coming back on the 28th. Gonna stay at my dad's cabin. He bought it. Haha! Will be taking a cruise boat there and will stay in that thing for a day because it'll be going around and not straight to Pangkor.

Have I told you about my addiction to Taylor Swifts' songs? They're like PROPER good! I can't stop hearing the song Forever and Always. It's catchy.

Thursday, December 18, 2008 @ 3:03 PM | 0 Comments

Call me an earlychirper. Omg, that sounds gay.
It's currently 8:04AM and I'm already awake.
Rome is kind of cool when you're all by yourself with your credit card. :) I'm staying at Grand Hotel de la Minerve. It is kinda cool but it is too 'royal' if you know what I mean, I don't like all these royal craps. I prefer modern-rich.
I'm going to buy myself a Blackberry curve 8900 or a Blackberry Storm soon because my Blackberry 8800 is getting old. Had it for 6 months.
Tomorrow would be my last day here so goodbye, Rome and hello, Malaysia. No, I'm not excited of leaving. Rome is way better than Malaysia. (Obvi!)


Wednesday, December 17, 2008 @ 11:55 PM | 0 Comments

Heya ther', this is my first post! OMG, so excited and I'm posting this all the way from ROME. I'm on my year end holiday, ;)
Oh, oh. Guess who bought me this trip to Rome? Obviously my dad. He's like the coolest dad ever though I've never met him in real life. I was sent to Foster Home for Imaginary Friends. My dad sent me there even before I was alive. He went to Hawaii and never came back. At the Foster Home, my only friend was my credit card. Now I have a new bestfriend, her name's Asma Hamid. She doesn't go shopping with me though, I still go shopping only with my credit card because if I go with Asma, I would have to buy her ice cream. I am indeed very selfish. Oh and once, I dropped my credit card in the toilet and Los & Faun found it for me. I had to pay them a fortune. Wait, I don't, but my parents do. ;)
I have a walk-in wardrobe with automatic doors. LOVE THEM. I have a whole 8 feet shelf full of GUCCIs! My clothes are all designers clothing, even my school uniform. I have nothing on my wishlist, I have everything I want.

I'm spoilt, yes I am. And I like showing off. Can't take it? Bog Off!!!

My first post is longer than I expect.
I'm going shopping now.